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Penguin's safe arrival after 10 day voyage

23 June 2011

A Penguin has made an 1100 mile journey, ready to begin harnessing energy from the seas off Orkney.

Finnish company's Wello's distinctive wave energy device was towed from the Baltic to Scapa Flow in a 10-day operation and will be installed at EMEC, the European Marine Energy Centre, later this summer.

The entire deployment programme will be led by a team of local companies, led by Aquatera and Orcades Marine Management Consultants.

"We’re delighted that Wello recognised the experience and expertise that we have available in Orkney and called on our services for this complex task,” said Orcades Marine's managing director, Captain David Thomson.

"We've been responsible for the long tow from Riga, the preparatory work that will be undertaken now Penguin has arrived safely in Orkney, and the installation of the device at EMEC.

"This project clearly demonstrates the world class expertise, facilities and equipment available in Orkney - and the benefits of taking a collaborative approach to making a success of marine renewables projects in our local waters."

Partner companies involved in the Penguin deployment include Leask Marine and Fendercare Marine.

Penguin will undergo trials at EMEC's wave energy test site at Billia Croo near Stromness for up to a year.

The 1600-tonne device is around 30 metres long, nine metres in height and has a draft of around seven metres.

It is designed to capture rotational energy generated by the movement of its asymmetrically shaped hull, which rolls, heaves and pitches with each passing wave.

This motion is used to accelerate and maintain the revolutions of a spinning flywheel housed inside the hull. This drives a generator to produce electricity that is then exported via a subsea cable.



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