Sustainable end for wave energy converter

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Pelamis Wave PowerWave Energy Scotland has commenced the dismantling of its Pelamis prototype marine energy device.

The work will take place in Orkney using local supply chain expertise, recycling or re-using components where possible.

Other components will be examined to gather useful information about performance during the Pelamis wave energy converter’s at-sea testing period.  

Orkney firm, Green Marine, will complete the operation by the end of April.

The Pelamis P2-001 was acquired by WES in 2014. During its two-year testing period, the device provided 15,000 hours’ worth of valuable data, which the organisation is now evaluating.

As the planned test programme was completed over two years ago, the decision has been taken to dismantle the device, which is four metres in diameter, 18 metres long and approximately 1350 tonnes in weight, including equipment and ballast.

Tim Hurst, managing director of Wave Energy Scotland, said: “Pelamis was an important break-through in wave energy converter development, creating a wealth of knowledge and experience about technology development and operational management.

“While Pelamis was a significant milestone in the industry, Wave Energy Scotland’s programme aims to build on that success and create a winning technology for the future.”
The remaining Pelamis device – the P2-002 – which was previously owned by ScottishPower Renewables, has been sold to the European Marine Energy Centre.

EMEC is currently looking at ways to employ the P2-002 for future learning opportunities within the industry, and is exploring options to use the device, which is currently based at Lyness in Orkney, as a test rig.

Wave Energy Scotland is a subsidiary of Highlands and Islands Enterprise and is taking an innovative and unique approach to the development of wave technology in a new research programme.

WES will support wave energy technology development until the technical and commercial risks are low enough for private investment to re-enter the sector.

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