EC-OG technology operating well

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Cutting edge technology developed by an award-winning engineering company is now fully operational at the European Marine Energy Centre.

EC-OG’s first full-scale Subsea Power Hub (SPH) is undergoing sea trials after installation at EMEC’s Shapinsay Sound test site.

The test programme is a first for the subsea industry, involving the combination of a marine energy converter coupled directly to a lithium based energy storage system.

The aim is to demonstrate how ocean currents can be harnessed by innovative technology to provide a reliable source of power for a range of subsea applications.

EC-OG switched on the Subsea Power Hub (SPH) for the first time earlier this month.

The unit is performing in line with technical predications. The next step is to leave the SPH running 100% autonomously with wireless data monitoring over the summer months.

Robert Cowman, engineering director at EC-OG, said: “Although the weather was not on our side, we were still able to successfully complete the installation and commence testing ahead of schedule.

“The system is performing very well and I’m pleased at how quickly the results are correlating with the theoretical basis for the test.

“Having a vertical axis turbine, means that the SPH is operating effectively in unpredictable, sporadic flow conditions. 

“Thanks go to the EC-OG team as well as those who have helped us at EMEC, Leask Marine, Castle View and Scottish Enterprise.”

EC-OG was recently named Best Small Company at the Subsea UK Awards 2017.

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