Orkney test bed for Flemish wave device

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LaminariaThe Orkney-based European Marine Energy Centre is part of an international effort supporting the evolution of Flemish wave energy technology.

Belgian company Laminaria has joined forces with EMEC, Innosea, Ghent University and TTI Testing to progress the development of its novel wave energy converter (WEC).

The main focus of the project is to prove the survivability of the Laminaria WEC in extreme storm conditions. The technology, currently at a pre-commercial stage in its development,
incorporates an innovative storm protection system.

The LAMWEC consortium will address specific technology challenges. The partners have more than 30 years of combined practical experience in ocean energy.

Laminaria’s chief executive officer Steven Nauwelaerts said: “We are keen to come and test our technology at full scale at the challenging EMEC site.

“We are confident that our technology can survive any storm. The aim of the LAMWEC project is to develop a device that is reliable and predictable.”

The project will culminate in the testing and performance assessment of Laminaria’s wave converter at EMEC’s grid-connected wave test site at Billia Croo in in 2017.

EMEC managing director Neil Kermode, said: “LAMWEC is taking a step by step approach in developing each aspect of the device prior to real-sea testing at EMEC, and we’re looking forward to working with Laminaria and the other project partners throughout this process.”

The LAMWEC project is being funded through OCEANERA-NET, an initiative looking to help address research and innovation challenges in ocean energy, coordinated by Scottish Enterprise.


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